Tips On How I Managed To Ace A Job Interview

interviewVery few people get a chance to be invited to job interviews even after applying to hundreds of them, and yeah…I was once one of them. This is because there is increased competition in the job market and this means that you need to be smart to secure one. Here are tips that helped me secure the job of my dreams and I would like to share them with you. Read on!


Master your resume contents

This is what tells the potential employer more about you. Before I learnt how it is done, I used to send the same resume to different job applications. This is because I was not so good in resume writing and so I found my resume fit for all job posts. I remember when i was applying for a data analyst job and I used the same resume I had used to apply for a catering job. I later came to learn about best-resume-guru site where there are hundreds of resume examples for almost every type of a job. I took advantage of the site and I too became a guru in resume writing that i even helped a friend secure a job after completing law school. However, you need to understand that even with a good resume, you may be called for an interview but still fail to get a job. To make sure that does not happen, always master every detail on your resume as your interviewers might ask you questions relating to your resume and a failure to answer appropriately may lead to your disqualification.


Dress for success

The first impression is of great importance during an interview. The best way is to dress according to a company’s culture, but if you are not sure about it, the safest way is to dress officially and decently. Also, make sure that your clothes are fitting, clean, and well pressed.


Prepare for success

Preparation is key to an interviews success. I used to research on the crucial information about the company to know more about them and the background about those who will be interviewing me.


Another way to prepare yourself is reviewing the commonly asked questions during an interview and preparing your responses. This way you will feel less nervous and you will be able to tailor every answer to fit the question asked by the panel of interviewers.


Be calm and confidence

Your body language says a lot about you. To be able to give the right impression, you need to be calm and confidence. Even if you are not sure of the answer you are about to give, show confidence in whatever you say but the best way is to give authentic and precise answers it is also wise to use examples when responding to a question. To show my confidence, I usually smile often, maintain a straight posture, and maintain an eye contact, nod, and I also listen actively.


In conclusion, I would like you to know that the above tips will help you succeed in an interview and secure the job of your dreams. Just make good use of them and you will never regret. I never ignored them and that is what led to my success.

Dog Care Tips And Tricks That Really Helped Me As A New Dog Owners

petGrowing up in a family keeping a dog was unacceptable is the only thing I hate about my younger age. My dad was allergic to pets and so he believed that every pet could cause him harm and so we were never allowed to keep any pet. I have always loved dogs that I could spend most of my time during holiday in my neighbor’s home since they had a dog and they allowed me to play with it. I could not wait to grow up, get a good, job, and move out of my parent’s home…all because I really wanted to feel how it is to own a pet and as soon as my dreams came true, the first thing I bought when I got my own apartment was a dog. However, the biggest challenge was how to take care of the dog as I had never stayed with one before. I consulted and researched a lot to gain enough knowledge on dog care and now, I am an expert. If you are wondering how to take care of your four-legged friend, read on:

Be careful of what your dog eats
Dogs can eat just anything as long as it tastes good to their tongue. For this reason, you should feed him just anything as there are numerous dog foods available to keep your dog healthy. If you are not sure about which one is the best, you can consult your vet as he can advise you more on that. I am a chocolate lover and so one day I wanted to please my dog and so I brought him some. I did know that that could harm but luckily, my friend had visited and advised me against it. That’s when I knew that a dog should not eat chocolate, but if you want to know what to do in case he eats it accidentally click here.

Dog training
If you want to enjoy keeping a dog, it is a good to train him as untrained ones can be irritating, especially when you wake up just to step on his shit. A trained dog is fun to be with. However, you need to learn more about dog training and how much the dog breed you intend to purchase will cost you before you get one. Always choose an easy to train dog breed to make things easier for you.

Regular vet visits
I usually take my dog to a vet a least twice a year for check-ups. Even if he looks just fine, its good to be sure of his health condition. Besides, a dog cannot speak a human language and so he cannot say when his tooth aches or arthritis making it difficult for him to walk. Regular visits to a vet can help detect issues before they become major problems.

Keep an eye on his diet
Diet is what keeps your dog healthy. A high calorie diet is okay in the early stages of a dog’s life but an adult dog needs food low in calories to keep their weight in check. This is because obesity can lead to numerous health problems in dogs and you would not want to experience this.

You do not have to fear keeping a pet for the first time. As long as you know what needs to be done, you will be good to go. Just read the above tips carefully and you will be the happiest dog owner ever!

How I Managed To Lose Weight Through Diet Alone

dietHave you been struggling with weight loss but in vain? Well, you are not alone. Being overweight is something that many of us experience once in our life time. Millions of people from all over the world have been suffering from this issue but only a few of them have managed to get a solution. When I was young, my mom made me believe that i should eat as much as possible so that I can grow tall like my elder brother, and that’s exactly what I did but before I knew it, I was obese. Being a girl, I could not cope with the fact that I was the fattest in our class, in fact, some people nick-named me “fat pants”, a name that I really hated, but what could I do?

Many believe that a girl needs to have a slim waist line and a proportional figure, but I was the opposite of that and I used to envy my friends a lot. After I finished high school, I spend a lot of time researching on the best ways to lose weight…and yeah…I found a solution and if you see me now, I have a figure and weight that I wished to have. In this article, I am going to share with you some ideas on how you too can lose those extra pounds. Read on:


Never skip breakfast

Many people tend to starve themselves with a belief that starvation can lead to weight loss. While this may somehow work, it’s not a healthy way for you may end up with more health issues. According to the studies, breakfast is the most important meal as it jumpstarts your metabolism to get it working for the day. If you skip this meal, you won’t lose weight as your body will have no enough food to be digested, which means that it will burn less energy, and this can’t help you lose weight.


Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

To lose weight, I used to eat at least 5 portions of different types of fruits and vegetables a day. As you eat such diets, remember to choose the fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and carbs, yet they can help you feel full for several hours. Examples of such fruits include; apples, avocados, almonds, and berries.


Eat starchy food

Always include one type of starchy food in all your main meals. According to nutritionists, starchy food should make a third of all the food that you eat in a day. I usually ate starchy foods made from whole grain as they are loaded with fiber and also helped me feel full for long.


Reduce consumption of saturated fat and sugar

As a result of our busy schedules, we can’t help but crave for French fries and doughnuts, which lead to more weight gain. What you need to know is that saturated fats found in processed foods and other unhealthy snacks you get from a fast food or a supermarket such as biscuits and creams increases the amount of cholesterol in your blood which in turn leads to weight gain and even a heart disease. To avoid this, go with foods with less saturated fat such as fish and avocados. To lower your intake of saturated sugar, avoid soft drinks, beer, cakes, and other sweet pastries.


Increase your fluid intake

Doctors recommend that you take at least 8 glasses of water a day. As you try to lose weight, water will reduce craving for food and so you will be able to avoid snacking a lot. Also, water is calorie free and so you will stay hydrated and still burn excess calories which lead to weight loss.


Losing weight does not come easily as you need to change your lifestyle when it comes to diet. Forget those fast food snacks and instead pack your own food as you go to work to avoid unhealthy snacks. When it comes to weight loss, consistency is the key.